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Coach Hire London

Events Coach Hire London

Events Coach Hire London

London is England's capital most populous metropolis. Located on the River Thames, it's home to a myriad mammoth enterprises, attractive homes and a sea of tourist attractions.

Are you a wedding planner looking for suitable transport for a large team to that long-awaited wedding reception? Or are you in need of a suitable collective means of travel to your London-based friend's graduation party? We have an extensive fleet of modern coaches specially manufactured and customized for you needs. Whether you are attending a memorial service or a religious congregation together with your colleagues, our vast collection of coaches will spoil you for choice.

Offering uniquely comfortable travel is our mantra. To achieve this, our fleet distinguishes and prides itself with world-class reclining leather seats. And if entertainment resonates with your trip, we are definitely your preference. Our coaches are proudly fitted with top class DVD monitors and music systems so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment throughout your travel escapades across London.

Worrying how you will get that bulky wedding gift or family reunion provisions from the airport to the event's venue? Our coaches have sufficient luggage storage bays for all your possessions. We have even included overhead storage compartments for lightweight luggage like small briefcases, bags and coats.

Are you new to London's labyrinth of roads, freeways, highways and overpasses? Do not worry about how to get to your destination. We are your roadside directions expert. Our coach drivers are well versed with London's vast and complicated infrastructure and will dutifully pick you at the airport, chauffeur you comfortably to your event and deliver you back at the airport at your preferred time- guaranteed! Additionally, they will correctly point out London's numerous tourist attractions like the National Gallery, the EDF Energy London Eye and the Tower of London among others as they drive you around this bustling city.

To enhance your comfort aboard our coaches, we include serviceable toilets and washrooms in our events coach fleet. You can therefore enjoy your trip through London to your party, family gathering of business seminar without worrying about appearing disheveled or disoriented- simply freshen up in our in-house coach washrooms. You can even rehearse your presentations to that important workshop or team competition on our coaches' PA system and table inclusions.

At Coach Hire London, we understand that you may be bringing your toddler along for your important event or through our London coach tour service.. We have therefore included baby seats in our package to ensure your child stays safe throughout the trip and allows you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the trip as well. Our coaches also come fitted with beautiful curtains in case you need to enhance your privacy or block out the sun.

Reach out to and use our minibus tours for the best coach to attend any educative, adventurous, recreational, religious, historical or recuperative social event in London with your family, friends and colleagues. Our lovable crew is waiting to give your team the most fondly remembered ferrying to your event. Contact us for the friendliest coach hire quotes in London.

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